Muckerman Widescreen

Alexander Muckerman

Senior Consultant

St. Louis

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis Master of Business Administration
    With a Focus on Healthcare Consulting and Management
  • Georgetown University Bachelor of Arts in Economics
    Bachelor of Arts in Art History


  • Project Management Institute, Inc. Project Management Professional

Healthcare providers are currently navigating through a period of radical industry change. The ability to identify best practices, both within the health sector and externally in other industries, is critical for providers to maintain competitive advantages in dynamic markets. Having the opportunity with ECG Management Consultants to add value to those organizations providing essential care services to our community is extremely rewarding to me.

Alex is a business professional who specializes in healthcare strategy, finance, and operations and has a passion for learning research-driven business theory. He has an established track record of increasing hospital efficiencies, improving patient safety, and aligning hospital goals and objectives with physician and clinical staff performance. Alex aims to add value to healthcare providers by applying best practices that have proven successful both within the health sector and externally in other industries.

At ECG, Alex has provided business analysis support on a physician compensation plan redesign project for a large Midwestern academic medical center (AMC). He worked with the client to understand the qualitative issues surrounding the AMC’s current compensation plan and performed an in-depth quantitative analysis that provided the client with a greater understanding of how its physicians were performing and compensated relative to industry benchmarks and standards. Alex developed a new compensation model for the AMC and performed financial modeling to demonstrate the impact of transitioning to the new plan. He has also conducted research on industry data to identify how health systems, in light of increasing regulatory change, are utilizing advanced care practitioners in primary care settings.