Jack Aleksanyan


San Diego

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Indiana University Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
  • California State University, Long Beach Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance


  • National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts Certified Valuation Analyst

Jack leads fair market value and commercial reasonableness assessments of business enterprise valuations and physician compensation arrangements for clinical, administrative, and call coverage services. His emphasis is on valuation assessments related to healthcare mergers and acquisitions, compensation arrangements, and other financial transactions. These assessments include, but are not limited to, valuations of healthcare systems/entities, hospitals, capital assets, physician practices, and other healthcare-related businesses.

In addition to Jack’s finance experience, he has deep expertise in data science and business analytics. In prior engagements, he led the charge on finding innovative ways to manipulate and interpret data to gather unique insights for clients, utilizing a variety of software and programming languages. Those insights were then used to make pivotal organizational decisions, resulting in uncovering and capitalizing on opportunities, creating leverage, and achieving significant cost savings for clients.