John McDermott

Senior Manager


Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Baldwin Wallace University Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

After years of working in numerous business verticals, at a conference in Las Vegas I watched a father and son throwing a rubber ball. The father threw the ball over his son’s head and the boy ran to get the ball laughing and looking back at his dad, while the dad was also laughing watching his son. As the boy cleared the tables to retrieve the ball I saw his prosthetic leg. Both of them were enjoying the simplest thing, just playing catch. The prosthetic leg and the clinician that developed it made that possible. My decision to work in the healthcare space was made at that moment.

During his 25-year career, John's executive-level leadership and consulting support have been credited with directing transformational change for healthcare providers across the country. His expertise lies in his ability to understand the multiple facets of complex healthcare IT-related issues that impact organizational success and then use technology solutions to enhance practice and billing operations, financial performance, business development, and project management. ECG clients value his ability to develop comprehensive and equitable solutions that take into account the viewpoints of all stakeholders. His guidance has led to goal achievement in strategy development, increased reimbursement, successful contract negotiations, innovative payment reform/redesign, and operations improvement through his proven and structured project management. In addition, John has overseen successful application implementations, including EMRs, and has broad experience in ambulatory specialty provider and hospital environments. He has been extensively quoted in industry trade magazines such as Information Week.