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ECG's online benchmarking website which allows for organization and market trending of provider performance benchmarks by specialty. This tool is exclusively available to the 120 survey member organizations of the ECG provider compensation surveys.

ECGVault is a data portal that contains current and historical ECG physician and advanced clinical provider performance benchmarks at the market, organization and provider-level. The online portal allows for robust specialty-specific trending and analysis capabilities, as well as standard and custom reporting, downloading of benchmarks, and related materials (i.e., graphs, tables, etc.). ECGVault enhances your organization’s ability to access the vast amounts of physician performance benchmarks gathered via the ECG surveys over the last 12 years.

Reporting criteria allow for robust benchmarking and trending tailored to your organization’s needs. Criteria include organization-level demographics such as type of ownership structure, size, and state, as well as provider-level filters, including experience, clinical effort, and compensation plan type amongst others.

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ECG Custom Survey and Proprietary Research Team

Practice Leaders

Jim Lord, Principal, ECG Midwest Practice Leader

Ken Roorda, Principal, Children’s Hospital Practice Leader

National Adult and Pediatric Subspecialty Surveys

Maria Hayduk, Senior Manager

Angie Collins, Manager

Shelley Mank, Senior Analyst