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The Future of Physician-Owned Orthopedic ASCs: From the Owner Perspective

Increased demand for higher quality, lower costs, and more coordinated care is driving provider consolidation across the country, including the orthopedic ASC market. As a result, there are complex dynamics that must be evaluated in determining the future viability of independent, physician-owned orthopedic ASCs.

Blog PostPrincipal-Perspectives

Principal Perspectives: Healthcare Trends for 2014

As we head into 2014, hospitals and health systems are confronting a number of challenges to remain competitive in their respective markets. The emphasis on cutting costs and reducing reliance on hospital utilization will be felt across the entire healthcare industry, but there are unique obstacles – and solutions – facing each different type of organization.

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Preparing for Health Exchanges: 14 Questions to Assess Your Organization’s Readiness

The PPACA created state-specific health insurance exchanges, now referred to as “marketplaces,” that are designed to offer consumers a side-by-side comparison of available health plans. This article addresses the challenges of health exchanges and provides recommendations for providers regarding proactive operational and strategic tactics to achieve success in the new healthcare reform era.