Speech Advanced Strategies in MACRA APM Development

Advanced Strategies in MACRA APM Development

The All-Payer combination option for qualifying as an APM will be available in January 2019. However, interested participants have multiple requirements to meet in 2018 to be ready for the 2019 deadline. This panel session will explain the 4 types of All-Payer Advanced APMs arrangements, as well as the criteria to meet the thresholds for qualifications. Additionally, the information required for approval and the timeline for submission will covered. Key success factors and potential pitfalls will also be discussed.

Discussion Panel

Deirdre Baggot, PhD, RN
ECG Management Consultants
Principal and Practice Leader

Pamela M. Pelizzari, MPH
Healthcare Consultant

Valinda Rutledge, MBA
Care Coordination Institute, Greenville Health System
Vice President, Public Payor Health Strategy