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The World of Reimbursement Is Changing: Is Your Practice Ready?

Faced with the dramatic escalation of healthcare costs, providers, commercial payors, and the government are testing different methodologies for reimbursing cancer care. This article by Jessica Turgon explores emerging reimbursement methodologies for cancer care and why oncology practices need to be responsive, rather than resistant, to these new payment arrangements.

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Value-Based Enterprise Conversation Series: Scaled

Healthcare executives and hospital boards are realizing they must build greater scale within their organizations if they want to remain competitive, but many leaders are still trying to determine how to do it. ECG's Kevin Forster discusses the obstacles to achieving scale and the importance of overcoming them.

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Patient Engagement in the Age of Cybercrime

Patient engagement is a growing necessity for many healthcare organizations, but getting patients to use online tools is complicated by increasing concerns about data security. How can providers better protect their patients’ data and assure them that online portals are safe to use?