Jake Fochetta

Senior Manager


Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Bentley University Liberal Studies Major in Health and Industry
    Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics with a Minor in Marketing

Jake is a member of ECG’s Operations Improvement and Technology Division. He has extensive experience helping clients identify opportunities to improve efficiency and provide exceptional patient care through the utilization of technology. Jake is known for his approach to assessing, implementing, and optimizing EHRs and other mainstream healthcare technology as well as innovative digital health technologies such as telehealth, mobile health, and patient outreach tools. He understands the importance of supplementing innovative technology with the appropriate level of internal staffing, patient and provider support mechanisms, marketing and awareness campaigns, and legal and regulatory guidance.

While at ECG, he has led the development of a large East Cost health system’s operationalization of Epic Connect, including build, ongoing support, training, interface development, medical device connectivity, and patient engagement. Jake has also been involved in overseeing and managing the full-scale telehealth strategy and business plan of a Southeast-based health system, helping it implement asynchronous e-Visits and live video visits for urgent care and selected specialty care, with the goal of ultimately establishing a digital care management/remote patient monitoring platform. Prior to joining ECG, Jake worked at eCW as a business analyst and MU specialist, advising on best practices and leading over 100 practices of varying sizes and specialties in their MU efforts, which resulted in the successful attestation of more than 400 providers.