Jordan Brozyna


Washington D.C.

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Bachelor of Business Administration

Sometimes healthcare consulting and strategy can be overly focused on the major players – the hospitals, the payors, the big pharma companies. But what drew me to consulting was the ability to focus the downstream effects on the patient. ECG allows my clients and me to fully embrace the “volume to value” trend in delivering the best care to patients via these more traditional stakeholders.

Jordan thrives on remaining one step ahead of the fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare industry. Her varied background in payor, provider, and pharma-based management consulting gives her a unique perspective in delivering solutions to clients. In a time of industry consolidation, Jordan is able to design value-based strategy around multiple stakeholder interests in order to maximize her clients’ standing in the broader healthcare environment. Further, she works to align the competing motivations of payors and providers to ensure delivery of the best possible patient care.

Prior to joining ECG, Jordan worked as a Consultant at Quintiles Advisory Services, where she supported the launch of a new practice in payor/provider services. In this capacity, she was the only consultant to work with Quintiles’ first-ever payor and provider clients, effectively leading the firm into two new sectors simultaneously. Specifically, Jordan worked with the leaders of a national provider group with more than 300,000 patients to develop analytics-based strategies to improve care, increase reimbursement, and enhance revenue. Additionally, Jordan worked with a major pharmaceutical client to launch a groundbreaking cancer biologic for melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer. She performed an evidence-generation market assessment for patients, providers, and payors in order to determine the product’s optimal place in the market.