Leah Gassett



Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Boston University Master of Business Administration
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Leah's experience in GME planning, academic strategy, and programmatic and business plan development has led top healthcare organizations to trust her with their most challenging assignments. Leah works with large, university-based AMCs and their component organizations, as well as with new and existing community teaching hospitals and academic health systems, on issues specifically related to the hospital-based academic enterprise. Her highly detailed knowledge of GME organizational models, program accreditation requirements, and Medicare reimbursement regulations enables her to partner with clients to address the complex and multifaceted challenges confronting the clinical/academic enterprise in a manner that advances strategic goals while accounting for local circumstances.

Since joining ECG's Academic Healthcare practice in 2006, Leah has facilitated strategic planning for complex healthcare associations and membership organizations. She focuses her practice on the integration of academic and clinical strategy, and healthcare executives and physician leaders have come to rely on Leah's guidance and judgment when making decisions that have significant implications for their clinical and academic missions.