Matthew Hendricks Widescreen

Matthew Hendricks


San Diego

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Miami University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

My field of academic medicine impacts virtually every aspect of healthcare. I joined ECG because it is the only firm whose team of experts is solely dedicated to the advancement of the healthcare industry. ECG’s capability to deliver dynamic solutions in a complex environment is unparalleled.

Matt is committed to providing strategic guidance to his clients that strikes the balance between academic, operational, and financial goals and expectations. The breadth of his management consulting experience within academic medical centers, in both nonprofit and for-profit settings, yields a unique approach to delivering client-focused solutions. Matt’s broad business acumen enables him to provide macro-level insights synthesized from micro-level data.

Prior to joining ECG, Matt worked at Germane Solutions. As the manager of a 15-person new program planning division, Matt was directly responsible for the strategic enterprise planning and oversight of implementation for more than 800 residency positions in key client systems. Before taking on the challenge of new program planning, Matt spent several years consulting in established academic environments, serving as a trusted adviser to his client base to streamline and redesign existing complements of residents to achieve organizational strategic alignment.