Marsh Limm 1060X400

Margo Marsh-Limm



Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • University of California, Berkeley Bachelor of Arts in Statistics

Margo has spent 25 years helping both providers and payors interpret complex financial data and make smart reimbursement decisions. She is a versatile healthcare expert who is known for listening to and understanding her clients’ issues, and collaborating with them to devise actionable solutions. Margo enjoys working with data on a granular level and using it to drive a more comprehensive discussion about provider compensation. As the healthcare reimbursement world becomes even more complicated, ECG’s clients value Margo’s analytical thinking and her expansive background in data analysis and interpretation.

Prior to joining ECG, Margo was a Senior Analyst at Eveia Health, a firm specializing in ambulatory surgery center operations, managed care contract negotiation, and business analysis. In this capacity, she developed predictive payor reimbursement modeling, incorporating varied and intricate methodologies. Margo’s work enabled clients to achieve a clear understanding of their performance and identify collection opportunities. Her ability to perform and explain detailed data analyses has enabled providers and payors alike to conduct more informed negotiations. As a result of her success in deciphering and communicating complex information, she has become increasingly involved in direct payor negotiations on behalf of clients.