Nicolas Dronen

Senior Consultant


Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Saint Louis University's School for Public Health and Social Justice Master of Health Administration
    Bachelor of Science in Health Science

When I was 8 years old, I watched my mom struggle through the challenges of our healthcare system as she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. From lost charts to massive hospital bills, our family quickly learned of our nation’s healthcare challenges, and I wanted to fix them.

Working at ECG gives me the opportunity to tackle some of the industry’s most complex challenges, and positively impact those who are affected by them. It’s truly rewarding to fulfill my childhood dreams on a daily basis.

Nick is a health administration professional with an established track record of improving hospital efficiency and developing successful integrated physician clinics. Having held positions in both large, multispecialty physician organizations and regional hospitals, Nick has worked extensively with executives, physicians, and front-line staff, giving him a broad understanding of clinic and hospital operations and strategy. Calling on his diverse background, Nick uses detailed analyses to help his clients understand their challenges and deliver strategies to successfully thrive in today’s healthcare environment.

At ECG, Nick’s work has focused on strategic and financial plan development for physician organizations. He is assisting in the development of a fair market valuation of a women’s health clinic, as well as a 5-year financial plan to help a hospital system assess whether it should acquire the women’s health clinic. He is also working with a large health system to develop a strategy and financial plan for aligning its physician organization with three independent physician groups.

Prior to joining ECG, Nick worked at Mercy Clinic St. Louis as an Administrative Intern. There he developed and managed the organization’s first integrated ophthalmology clinic, in the process gaining invaluable insight into the operations of a multispecialty physician organization. Before that, Nick worked as a Data Analyst in the Department of Performance Improvement at Mercy Hospital St. Louis. In this role, he led several hospital-wide initiatives and helped improve operating room efficiency by 17% in 6 months.