Ikoku Widescreen

Philip Ikoku

Senior Consultant


Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Emory University Doctorate in Physical Therapy
    Master of Business Administration
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Working in healthcare is fulfilling because of the unique ability for this industry to positively alter lives. I know that as our consulting teams devise innovative solutions, we are improving the way in which our clients deliver life-saving interventions and manage chronic illness. That is why my goal when working with a client is to understand their organization’s difficulties, strengths, and mission in order to maximize their ability to serve a patient population.

Philip’s background in organizational strategic planning and population health management initiatives is valuable to large providers adapting to the healthcare industry’s rapidly shifting environment. He understands the concerns of healthcare leaders as they prepare for inevitable changes, and he takes an analytical approach to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions about the direction of their enterprises. Additionally, due to his experience and training in both the business and clinical aspects of healthcare, Philip is able to address the concerns of clinical and administrative cohorts in the strategic planning process.

Before joining ECG, Philip worked with large organizations and healthcare providers to confront the strategic and operational problems that management teams were facing. He supported the development of new value-based business lines, optimized processes for communication between clinical staff and management, conducted financial analyses for novel approaches to tackling chronic illnesses, and assisted a large academic institution in constructing its 5-year strategic plan.