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New ECG Report Discusses Changes in Surgical Landscsape and the Ambulatory Surgery Imperative for Health Systems

SEATTLE, WA, July 18, 2017 – ECG Management Consultants, a national healthcare management consulting firm, recently published a new white paper, ASCs at a Tipping Point: The New Reality of Surgical Services for Health Systems, urging health systems to establish an ambulatory surgery strategy before it’s too late.

“For many health systems, hospital-based surgery has historically been the crown jewel of services, generating significant revenue. But with new threats, regulatory, financial, and competitive forces, and patient demand for quality, convenient care delivery, many systems are forced to rethink the delivery of surgical care and more aggressively pursue an ambulatory surgery center model,” explains Kevin Kennedy, co-author of the report and Principal with ECG Management Consultants. The report outlines several high-level strategies to aid system executives in planning for the future.

“In our own studies, we’ve found that as hospital case volumes shift away from inpatient, a system can risk losing tens of millions of dollars. Rather than losing this volume, or having physicians depart and start their own ASC with another partner, systems should be developing their own ambulatory surgery center strategies to retain revenue and long-term alignment with surgeons. Neglecting to do so will severely impact the business – and now more than ever, our communities depend on healthy, stable systems to turn to for quality care that provides cost-effective alternatives for patients,” shares Naya Kehayes, co-author and Principal with ECG Management Consultants. Kehayes is former founder and President of Eveia Health, a nationally recognized ASC-focused consulting practice acquired by ECG in 2015. “Health systems in our country must think seriously about the best way to maintain their business and provide cost-efficient, convenient, quality care to their patients. The ASC model is an excellent solution.”

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