Academic Medical Centers

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The push-pull dynamic of academic medical centers’ tripartite mission has always generated highly complex and interconnected challenges at every level of the academic enterprise, but the rapidly changing healthcare environment emerging over the last decade is posing new pressures and threats.

Funding reductions and reimbursement uncertainties, pressures from the expanding pipeline of medical students, integrating research strategies with other organizational initiatives, and managing new relationships with community providers at local and regional levels are just a few of the demands buffeting academic medical centers (AMCs), schools of medicine, and research entities.

Despite their commitment to providing outstanding clinical care, educating physicians and other caregivers, and conducting the clinical research that is leading to major advances in disease prevention and treatment, AMCs are not optimally structured to manage large-scale change and they may not be nimble enough to adapt and stay relevant given the current rate and pace of change.

ECG’s team of AMC experts have dedicated their careers to helping clinical, education, and research leadership navigate integration strategies, create new models of physician and faculty alignment, ensure research supports broader clinical and educational strategies, and manage the complexities of the GME enterprise. We understand the high-stakes decisions that must be made when preparing complex academic enterprises for the future, and we are skilled at finding approaches that build consensus and support for both small- and large-scale change.

ECG works with:

  • Academic medical centers
  • Academic health systems
  • Health sciences centers
  • Schools of medicine
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Research institutes