Strategic Positioning for Value-Based Care

Reform is challenging hospitals and providers to redesign care delivery and develop a clear vision for ushering their organizations through the transition to value-based care.

The momentum behind healthcare’s shift to value-based payment models is driving forward, and hospitals and physician groups have little choice but to join the movement. Yet many healthcare organizations find that making the volume-to-value transition – and doing so in a financially sustainable manner – is one of their greatest challenges.

Providers that successfully navigate this path to value will be those that design strategies and cultivate key competencies with the express intention of becoming optimally integrated, scaled, rationalized, informed, and responsive.

Are You Ready for Value-Based Care?

Is your organization developing, transitional, or highly evolved on the road to value-based care? Our 10-question quiz will help determine how prepared you are for the transition ahead.

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  • Integrated: Dismantle silos to better coordinate care, align resources, and rally providers around a shared goal of high-quality care.
  • Scaled: Maximize operations, expansion potential, and the ability to achieve economies of scale.
  • Rationalized: Balance care quality, efficiency, accessibility, and cost in (re)distributing service lines.
  • Informed: Possess the right IT infrastructure and utilize relevant data to make key clinical and organizational decisions.
  • Responsive: Harness change and use it to drive the organization forward.

With ECG’s Value-Based Readiness Assessment and enterprise strategy expertise, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help your organization thrive in a value-based world.