We’ve expanded our oncology consulting practice and are excited to welcome Oncology Resource Consultants (ORC) to the team! ECG and ORC are committed to providing the oncology community with the highly specialized expertise required to meet the challenges of a dynamically evolving field.

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Cancer services are facing significant changes because of the requirements to measure and reward cost-effective care. This is affecting how services are coordinated, managed, and delivered. How are you responding?

The cost of treating cancer exceeds $100 billion annually, and treatment expenses for some patients may surpass $300,000. Oncology programs are increasingly being thrust into the national spotlight. While future-state reimbursement models that improve the value of cancer care are still emerging, oncology programs face one certainty: change.

As your partner, ECG will help your oncology program address the complexities inherent in providing cancer services from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Just as it is for you, oncology care is our passion and calling. Our team of professionals brings over 30 years of combined expertise to support your program in delivering on the promise of value-based cancer care.

ECG will collaborate with you to develop a strategic response to the challenges facing your cancer program—from determining where to invest scarce resources and managing oncology multidisciplinary programs to implementing standard treatment pathways and monitoring emerging research that could radically impact cancer diagnoses and treatments. Our range of experience includes working with community-based practices to advising NCI-designated cancer centers.

We work in partnership with our clients to drive care transformation. Our team is nationally known for its work in areas such as:

  • Cancer care strategies with a focus on tumor site–specific programming.
  • Service line organizational and operating structures.
  • New cancer center space and program planning.
  • Optimal physician-hospital alignment and referral channels.
  • Payment pilots, including bundled payments, accountable care organizations, and oncology medical homes.
  • Oncology practice mergers and acquisitions.
  • Physician compensation plans and incentive systems.
  • Performance improvement to drive operational, financial, and patient care success.
  • Academic medical center programs, including community partnerships and funds flow design.
  • Cancer center affiliations and partnership planning.

Are you ready to innovate and transform your cancer services?

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