The requirement to measure and reward cost-effective care is leading to critical changes in how cancer services are coordinated, managed, and delivered. How are you responding?

With the overall costs of treating cancer exceeding $100 billion annually, oncology programs have been identified as one of the key service lines that will experience significant change by moving to a value-based model of care. ECG can help your oncology program deliver on the promise of value-based cancer care. We understand the complex nature of the challenges you face, from managing multidisciplinary programs to implementing standard treatment pathways, and monitoring emerging research that could radically change cancer diagnosis and treatment.

ECG’s experience with the nation’s leading oncology practices, community-based cancer centers, and National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer centers confirms the need to proceed with coordinated plans that directly address these challenges. Creating comprehensive and integrated cancer care programs – from screening and diagnosis through survivorship and hospice care – means investing in facilities, technology, practice acquisitions, and preparedness for ongoing payment reform,

We provide in-depth expertise in areas such as:

  • Cancer care continuum strategies with a focus on patient-centric care
  • Optimal physician-hospital alignment and referral channels
  • Payment pilots, including bundled payments, accountable care organizations, and oncology medical homes
  • Oncology practice mergers and acquisitions
  • Physician compensation plans and incentive systems
  • Financial feasibility analysis and planning
  • Outpatient center operations improvement
  • Academic medical center programs, including community partnerships and funds flow design