Women's Services

Women’s programs must be consumer oriented and market relevant, with services that meet women’s health needs across their lifetimes.

Determining optimal strategic positioning for a particular clinical program and then executing on it helps attract the critical mass and resources required to propel a service area forward. For programs like women’s services, which must stay attentive to the evolving needs of the female population beyond maternity care, positioning choices will involve a range of options – from taking a niche approach to pursuing a more comprehensive set of programs across multiple inpatient and outpatient sites and service lines. Our team can help you identify the possibilities and make choices that fit your unique market dynamics and the overall direction of your hospital or system.

ECG consultants partner with organizational leadership and service line directors to assess programmatic gaps in the market, evaluate opportunities beyond traditional service offerings, and determine the appropriate role and vision for your women’s health services in a value-based environment.

ECG’s services to women’s health programs include:

  • Service line strategic plans
  • Market and financial feasibility analysis and planning
  • Program growth and expansion strategies across multiple programs, such as breast health and cardiovascular services
  • Center of excellence development
  • Provider-hospital alignment model design
  • Patient engagement and access strategies
  • Provider compensation plans and incentive systems
  • Payment reform planning, including bundled payments
  • Outpatient center operations improvement