Digital Health

The on-demand generation is becoming more informed about their care and less willing to wait for it. A digital health strategic plan can offer a path to improved access.

Today’s consumers are growing accustomed to an on-demand lifestyle. With a few clicks on their smartphones, they can read online reviews of a restaurant, reserve a table, order a car to drive them there, and pay for their meal. Their expectations about healthcare are no different. Many patients are becoming more proactive about their care as health reform spurs them to obtain health insurance, and they expect to receive care when they need it – even if it comes through nontraditional channels.

Healthcare organizations that are responsive to these evolving dynamics can differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. Digital health opportunities – including telehealth, patient portal engagement, and the use of web capabilities to enhance brand awareness – exist across the entire enterprise and with partners throughout the continuum.

ECG works with organizations to bring these initiatives from innovation to reality. We’ll help you execute on a digital strategy that makes sense for your organization and implement the tools you need to thrive in a fast-changing environment.