Build a Data-Driven Health Organization with These Three Considerations

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Becker’s Hospital Review

Today, healthcare organizations have access to unprecedented amounts of clinical and operational data thanks to high levels of EHR adoption and transitions to other electronic systems over the last decade. Some organizations have begun to use this data to drive emerging strategies and operational processes, such as those required for value-based care. Health systems 10 to 15 years from now will have new, more complex data that provides even deeper insights, and being a data-driven organization will be necessary to compete and survive.

The transition to the health system of the future demands that healthcare organizations begin treating data as a strategic asset, with processes and systems that allow the right data to inform decision-making and drive actionable results. This data will enable patient centricity and allow organizations to become more responsive to their populations and evolving payment models.

Not all organizations have developed the capabilities to use data to achieve key business goals…

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This article was originally published by Becker’s Hospital Review on April 23, 2018.