HIMSS Innovation Committee: Q&A with Paul Murphy


Q&A with Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy was born and educated in Ireland but moved to the U.S. in 1990 to explore his career path. Hired as operations manager for the New York Blood Center, he soon discovered a passion for healthcare as a mission. Combining this with his fascination for IT, Murphy pursued an MBA with a focus on healthcare administration. For the past 20 years, he’s been a principal adviser with ECG Management Consultants, often working with chief information officers and chief financial officers to organize a system’s IT portfolio and team, and frequently during a major change initiative.

HIMSS: What do you see as the most important new innovations in digital health?

Paul: We have so many new devices and technologies, but it’s all very scattered, not connecting to each other or to electronic health records. That’s where the opportunity lies. What health systems and providers really need is an “innovation culture.” It’s difficult to do that in the healthcare industry because we’re all taught to be cautious with patient data and confidentiality and getting the patient better – so we don’t always “try things out” like other industries might. But already we’re seeing the benefits of being more flexible and creating cultures where employees can be innovative.

At HIMSS18 we had a full-day symposium called Innovation as a Strategic Imperative with six speakers including Aneesh Chopra, the first chief technology officer of the United States. We covered a tremendous amount of ground and were inspired to believe it is possible if we think differently and provide a structure to encourage innovation. We agreed that we can’t address all the huge challenges in healthcare without thinking in a more creative way.

Some of the big innovations that will propel us forward are the new FHIR® standards to coordinate all the different applications. The other is blockchain technology as a standard to secure communications across the web, which has always been one of the biggest anxiety points in healthcare.

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Originally published by HIMSS on April 13, 2018