Private Equity Investment in Health Care Stays Strong

Bloomberg Sept 2018 Web

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Private equity investment is burgeoning throughout the U.S., and health care is one of the “in” targets for investors.

More than $10 billion was invested in health-care deals in the first half of 2018, according to industry watchers. An additional $1 trillion of investable capital currently is available for deployment in health care, investment banker Hector M. Torres told Bloomberg Law. Torres, a principal with ECG Management Consultants in Chicago, counsels investors.

The amount of money available ensures private equity will continue its role in disrupting traditional models of health-care financing.

Moving On Up

A curated list of deals announced and/or closed in August demonstrates the private equity trend is definitely moving upward. The list, compiled by investment bankers for Bloomberg Law, tallied 103 deals in August.

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Hector Torres and Aaron Newman are members of Bloomberg Law’s Health Care Transactions Editorial Committee and contributors to the monthly column.