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The State of ASCs Today: Implications for Hospitals and Health Systems

The  State Of  Ascs  Today Web

One of the biggest challenges currently facing hospitals and health systems is the migration of revenue-generating surgical procedures from the inpatient setting to the ambulatory surgical center’s (ASC’s) outpatient setting. Advancements in clinical technologies, changing regulations and payment models, and improved patient outcomes are driving this migration, and it is essential that hospitals and health systems develop strategies that allow them to integrate and collaborate with ASCs if want to remain relevant and profitable.

In November 2019, ECG’s ASC and Enterprise Strategy experts hosted a live webinar focused on navigating the ASC landscape. The webinar highlights the current trends affecting health systems and provides guidance for how they can build a comprehensive ASC partnership strategy.

If you have any questions following the webinar or want to learn more about ASC and surgery migration, contact the ECG team today.

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