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What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Transformation

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When a healthcare organization is expecting a transformation, it must plan accordingly for the coming change. ECG partnered with Adventist Health System (AHS) to implement athenahealth’s EHR and PM system throughout AHS’s medical groups over the course of approximately one year. During the engagement, ECG and AHS used several go-live waves to deploy the new EHR to over 1,200 providers within 18 medical groups and more than 500 clinics across seven states. Given the magnitude and timeline of this endeavor, ECG and AHS needed to establish a targeted, thoughtful, and scalable communication strategy to ensure the successful adoption of the EHR and the realization of the intended benefits across the health system. Although it took longer than nine months to “deliver” a successful implementation, we broke down the process into three stages—our very own “implementation trimesters.” In the following infographic, we outline “what to expect when you’re expecting” a transformation at your organization, our own play on the best-selling book about planning for a big change.

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