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The Power Of Workforce Planning Within A Physician Alignment Strategy Web
August 28, 2020
The Power of Workforce Planning within a Physician Alignment Strategy

The benefits of approaching workforce planning and physician alignment in conjunction are numerous and can result in strategies that accurately reflect the true needs of the health system.

Increasing Surgery Migration Puts Pressure To Hospitals To Develop An Asc Plan Web
August 18, 2020
Increasing Surgery Migration Puts Pressure on Hospitals to Develop an ASC Plan

Hospitals that understand their exposure to surgical migration can develop a plan to offset and/or minimize the risk and position themselves for long-term success.

Five No Regret Strategies Health Systems Are Employing For Sustainable Results Web
August 17, 2020
Five No-Regret Strategies Health Systems Are Employing for Sustainable Results

ECG conducted over 50 interviews with health system leaders to explore the initiatives they are pursuing to improve their financial and strategic position as they plan for the future.


Oncology Programs Act Now To Avoid A Massive Physician Expense Increase In 2021 Web
September 18, 2020 Oncology Programs: Take Action Now to Avoid a Massive Increase in Physician Expense in 2021 By ECG Management Consultants , Lili Hay, Ryan Engesser, LaVerne Booton
Why Hospital Command Center Staff Web
September 16, 2020 Why Hospital Command Center Staff Can’t Work Remotely-Even during a Pandemic By Robin Settle and Kathryn Handley
Surgery Migration Is Accelerating  Web September
September 9, 2020 Surgery Migration Is Accelerating. Do You Have an ASC Plan? By I. Naya Kehayes and Sean Hartzell

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