Speech Are You Ready for Integration? (Neither Were We)

Are You Ready for Integration? (Neither Were We)

Healthcare reform is changing the way we deliver healthcare and how we are reimbursed for services. This will require significant changes in operations, physician/hospital alignment and strategic partners.

This session is a case study with best practices and learnings that can be applied to the participants’ organizations.

By attending this session, you will learn:

  1. Outline the imperatives for performance improvement that participants can use in their own environment (checklists/tool used to reinforce learning)
  2. Apply step-by-step transformation process to their own organization
  3. Describe key variables that have the greatest impact on financial improvement (Participants will use a variable tool to assess their integration readiness or current state)
  4. Use specific initiatives and management interventions that Bassett pursued to improve performance of your own organization (What and How Job Aid for Participants)
  5. Summarize best practices and lessons learned that can be applied at other organizations using a checklist; avoiding pitfalls and barriers

Josh Halverson, Principal, will co-present with Frank Panzarella, Vice President of Operations at Bassett Medical Group.