Speech Oncology Margin Management Strategies

Oncology Margin Management Strategies

ECG senior consultant Ryan Engesser is speaking on key strategies in oncology margin management with copresenter Kimberly Carty, Chief Operating Officer, the Center for Hematology Oncology, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, at the Association of Cancer Executives 2020 Annual Meeting.

Margin pressure is a growing and unwavering issue in oncology care, driving many provider organizations to push out strategic and innovative changes. Hear about the different initiatives that cancer programs have found to be successful as they try to stabilize increasingly difficult financial situations while providing care to patients. Bring these insights back to your team to help them understand key strategies for oncology financial management in a value-driven environment, such as best practices in reducing readmission, providing oncology palliative care, and maximizing navigation.

ECG is a proud sponsor and exhibitor of the Association of Cancer Executives 2020 Annual Meeting.