Webinar Thinking about an EHR replacement? Not so fast!

Thinking about an EHR replacement? Not so fast!

While changing to a new EHR system is becoming a more common choice, is it the right choice? Beyond the question of whether a new system will deliver actual improvements, there are two other key factors to consider before making a switch: cost and time.

Moving to a new EHR system may be far more expensive that optimizing your current system. And if you do proceed with a replacement, finding and implementing a suitable vendor will take a least 18 months. Realistically, it could be 2 years before you see any improvement in your EHR system. In the meantime, with your attention on implementation instead of maintenance, dissatisfaction with your current system will only increase. Instead of investing time and money in a new EHR system that may or may not offer better performance, organizations should make sure they maximize value from their current system.

This presentation will provide practice administrators with an understanding of how to evaluate the decision on whether to invest time and resources in optimizing the existing EHR or pursuing a replacement system.