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Golden Opportunity 3 Key Steps For Improving Provider Capacity Web
September 1, 2020
Golden Opportunity: 3 Key Steps for Improving Provider Capacity

The Power Of Workforce Planning Within A Physician Alignment Strategy Web
August 28, 2020
The Power of Workforce Planning within a Physician Alignment Strategy

The benefits of approaching workforce planning and physician alignment in conjunction are numerous and can result in strategies that accurately reflect the true needs of the health system.

Increasing Surgery Migration Puts Pressure To Hospitals To Develop An Asc Plan Web
August 18, 2020
Increasing Surgery Migration Puts Pressure on Hospitals to Develop an ASC Plan

Hospitals that understand their exposure to surgical migration can develop a plan to offset and/or minimize the risk and position themselves for long-term success.


Digital Health Is Central To Value Based Payment Strategies Web
October 23, 2020 Digital Health Is Central to Value-Based Payment Strategies By ECG Management Consultants , Rachel Bidgood, Kari Kosog
A Guide To Comanagement For Orthopedic Service Line Leaders Part Two Web
October 14, 2020 A Guide to Comanagement for Orthopedic Service Line Leaders: Part Two By Matt Reigle, Dan Cosentino, Sean Hartzell
Six Strategies To Address Restrictions On Hospital Based Diagnostic Imaging Services Web
October 12, 2020 6 Strategies to Address Restrictions on Hospital-Based Diagnostic Imaging Services By ECG Management Consultants and Lili Hay

Health System Scale Is Irrelevant Without Performance 2Nd Web
Health System Scale Is Irrelevant without Performance

Scale doesn’t guarantee relevance. Bigger doesn’t always result in better. This webinar will ...

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