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Sprinting Your Clinic to Success

After a massive effort to integrate 18 clinics into a new health system—including the standardization of front-end workflows to support the migration of all clinics onto one EHR platform—ambulatory leadership at the University of Kansas Health System (UKHS) wanted to assess the state of clinic operations and improve performance.

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10 Factors That Impact the Value of Your ASC Payer Contract

It’s more important than ever to read an ASC contract or amendment prior to signing it and again after receiving the finalized version. We recommend highlighting information for your business office manager so they may operationalize the contractual obligations and build them into policies and procedures so you can maximize your contract rates and avoid lost revenue.

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Avoiding a Compliance and Coding Tug-of-War At Your Practice

Most medical coding and compliance programs can benefit from new technology geared to supporting these crucial roles. However, additional thought must be taken to ensure the technology is leveraged successfully. Review of existing processes, team structure, and goals is crucial in order to successfully implement new technology to support or redesign existing processes.