Hospital and Physician Reimbursement Surveys

Helping you make more informed financial and strategic decisions.

The transition to a value-based payment environment presents a number of challenges for providers seeking current, relevant data on reimbursement levels and reform-related strategies. ECG’s hospital and physician reimbursement surveys are designed to create reliable industry benchmarks and develop in-depth insights on market forces affecting payer arrangements and reimbursement methodologies.

Information produced by these surveys enables you to:

  • Compare reimbursement levels to those of your peers, on a national and regional level, using commercial health plan reimbursement data that is more relevant and in-depth than that of other industry sources.
  • Assess reimbursement levels relative to cost by patient type (inpatient vs. outpatient) and at the service line level.
  • Gain insight on trends related to value-based arrangements, population management initiatives, payer collaborative arrangements, cost reduction platforms, and other clinical integration efforts across the national market.
  • Understand the prevalence and financial impact of incentive- and risk-based contracting arrangements within regional and national markets.
  • Assess and compare organizational readiness for value-based payments and healthcare reform to that of peer organizations.