The industry’s only comprehensive survey to examine physician compensation and incentives under value-based ...





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The industry’s only comprehensive survey to examine physician compensation and incentives under value-based contracts.

ECG’s Value-Based Contracting and Physician Compensation Survey offers the industry’s first market-specific data composed of physician compensation information for risk-based contracts. The survey compiles calendar year statistics from more than 400 physicians and 60,000 covered lives. The survey focuses on primary care providers and offers the most appropriate measures for value-based patients, allowing groups to feel comfortable moving away from WRVU-based incentive models while still paying at fair market rates. As the survey continues to evolve and grow, additional compensation detail and specialties will be included.

Participants and purchasers of the survey will receive access to the following:

  • Detailed analysis of market trends and opportunities related to value-based contracts
  • Summary tables, graphs, and charts for more than 20 key statistics relevant to physician compensation and value-based contract development

*This survey closes on September 30, 2021.

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2023 Value-Based Contracting and Physician Compensation Survey

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ECG provides independent valuation services and transaction consulting to healthcare providers and organizations pursuing value-based arrangements. These extremely complex arrangements regularly incorporate dynamic, often dual-sided risk models, with the uncertainty that comes with managing a population. In an industry that is shifting from volume to value, we provide the guidance and insight necessary to confidently enter into provider agreements that incorporate risk- and value-based elements.

Often health systems are inexperienced with or ill equipped to manage the risk associated with value-based models, and offering incentives to physicians through these arrangements can yield significant negative results. We provide our clients with the reassurance that the arrangement is consistent with the market and commercially reasonable. Whether the reimbursement risk is held within an organization or an outside third party, clients rely on us to provide accurate, reliable work products that are easy to understand and hold up to rigorous levels of scrutiny.

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