Children's Hospitals

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Children’s hospitals’ unique mission of caring for the nation’s most vulnerable population has provided some immunity from the pressures facing all U.S. healthcare providers, but the recent demands of value-based care, including access, coverage, and payment reform, have stretched the resources and internal capacity for change at many children’s hospitals. While a select number of children’s hospitals can afford to be everything to everyone, most are facing the need to band together and focus their investments on specific areas of expertise within the pediatric continuum.

ECG has helped our pediatric clients formulate organizational strategies to maximize population health management capabilities, coordinate and integrate care, bolster their portfolio of clinical services, enhance funds flows, and revise hospital-physician relationships.

In conjunction with our AMC experts, ECG is also uniquely positioned to strengthen ties with academic resources that can fill critical gaps and create valuable synergies. Our experience at many of the top children’s hospitals in the U.S is a barometer of the confidence children’s hospital executives have in our team and our ability to address the most complex challenges facing these esteemed organizations.