Bundled Payments

Smart healthcare leaders aren’t waiting for episode-based reimbursement to become mandatory. Are you ready to rethink your payer strategy?

Never has there been a more volatile, disruptive, transformative, and empowering time in healthcare than the present. In recent years, qualified healthcare leaders have taken conservative approaches to changes in reimbursement and stumbled, while their more adaptable and risk-tolerant counterparts have moved markets with smart approaches to managing innovative payment models.

You and your team are humble and honest through and through. The humility and commitment to learn about Sutter Health internal operations and culture rapidly built trust vertically, while the honest, unbiased expertise proved invaluable to the success of our CJR program.

Ned Lutz, Executive Project Consultant, Sutter Health

As CMS begins mandating participation in episode-based care models, our Bundled Payments practice works with leaders who are able to move beyond their fear about what can go wrong and instead get excited about what can go right. Since 2010, our team has led bundled payment initiatives in major academic medical centers, large not-for-profit health systems, medical groups, post-acute organizations, ambulatory surgery companies, and health systems in more than 40 states across the nation.

Our industry-leading team works strategically to deliver high-value advisory services that equip decision makers with actionable business intelligence concerning episode-based care. We not only educate stakeholders on the potential benefits of bundled payment initiatives but also help to develop a customized strategy that positions organizations to reduce costs, improve care delivery, and foster a truly collaborative clinical culture across multiple sites and disciplines.