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Patient Engagement Life Cycle [Infographic]

Patient Engagement

Health systems are responding to consumers’ demands by building their patient engagement strategies. These engagement strategies are best considered from the patient perspective: each touch point on the patient journey is an opportunity for the health system to reinforce its brand and provide value to the patient. Technology is an essential tool for health systems to deploy when developing and optimizing the ways they engage with patients. Indeed, technology allows health systems to complete a paradigm shift from using several disjointed patient engagement tactics to a strategy that delivers return on investment and results in improved patient outcomes.

Each step in the patient’s journey has a technology element that can be used to improve the user experience. The infographic below outlines the relevant research supporting each opportunity and describes how health systems are using the available technology to improve patient engagement and their own bottom lines.

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Patient Engagement Leads to Workforce Satisfaction and Cost Efficiency

As demonstrated in the infographic above, there are more ways than ever to engage patients using technology. Indeed, this engagement is what patients want from their health systems. By using the patient’s perspective to craft a digital patient engagement strategy that is comprehensive yet impact focused, health systems gain a competitive edge. As research has shown, improving patient engagement or activation can also lead to improved patient outcomes16. A smart digital patient engagement strategy can be the linchpin for achieving the Quadruple Aim and preparing for long-term success.