Michael De Castro


San Diego

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • University of Southern California Master of Health Administration
    Graduate Certificates in Health Systems Operation and Management of Ambulatory Care Systems
  • San Diego State University Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Prior to working in healthcare, I was in the real estate/finance space. In one particular job, I was exposed to foreclosure files being monitored by a bank and its attorneys. After looking through some of the cases, I discovered that many individuals and their families entered into the foreclosure process as a result of a medical emergency that created a financial hardship. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to be in a role that would allow me help providers deliver care to their community, while ensuring that patients and families could obtain timely and affordable care.

Mike’s background in strategic planning for an integrated delivery system is useful to organizations as they look to maximize the reach and breadth of current services, explore new service offerings, or engage in affiliations or collaborations. He has a genuine passion for analyzing data and explaining its implications to clients. Mike has worked closely with physicians, executives, and front-line staff, and he understands each group’s role in the delivery of healthcare to the community. ECG clients value his ability to manage relationships among key stakeholders and his willingness to help them make critical decisions.

Prior to joining ECG, Mike worked at Sharp HealthCare. As a Strategic Planner, Mike oversaw the creation of annual market assessments for two of the system’s hospitals and various service lines. In addition, working as an Administrative Fellow with Sharp HealthCare gave Mike access to all facets of the enterprise. He supported system leaders and partnered with personnel in key service areas. Mike also aided in the deployment of patient self-check-in kiosks across they system’s 21 clinic sites, leading to a reduction in patient wait time, an increase in visit collections, and an improvement in patient satisfaction.