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Michael Baird

Senior Consultant

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Virginia Commonwealth University Master of Health Administration
  • University of San Diego Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Finance

I’ve always been drawn to improving the healthcare experience for patients and providers after experiencing the complexities of our healthcare system firsthand as a patient. My goal with each client engagement is to create opportunities to provide the best experience for patients and staff at all levels. ECG has afforded me the opportunity to meet this goal and have an impact on improving the lives of everyone involved in the healthcare setting.

Michael is an established healthcare administration professional with experience in improving hospital operations in the acute care and ambulatory settings. His background in practice management, process improvement, and strategic initiatives has afforded him the opportunity to work closely with physicians, executives, and frontline staff to solve complex problems. Michael approaches projects by understanding their granularity and how it affects the greater picture. He uses data analysis to drive decision-making and partners with administrative and clinical experts to achieve effective and meaningful solutions.

Before joining ECG, Michael worked at University of Colorado Health (UCH), providing administrative leadership for its Transplant Center. In this role, Michael managed the operational, financial, and strategic activities of more than 150 faculty and staff associated with transplants. Working closely with the hospital and school of medicine, he was able to expand transplant services to new areas in Colorado and the West Coast, as well as increase hepatology clinic capacity by 39.8% and kidney transplant capacity by 29.7% without adding providers. Additionally, he effectively utilized existing clinic space while increasing clinic volume 143.5%. Michael attributes his effectiveness at UCH to appreciating the importance of working with multidisciplinary partners to truly understand the impact of decisions concerning patients and programs.