Patel Widescreen

Neelam Patel

Senior Manager

San Diego

Services Expertise:

  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Technology



  • Loma Linda University Master of Public Health
  • University of California, Riverside Bachelor of Science in Biology

Neelam’s experience working with teaching hospitals, schools of medicine (SOMs), and faculty practice plans has made her a trusted adviser to ECG’s academic medical center (AMC) clients. With knowledge of healthcare operations, strategy, and finances, she helps AMC stakeholders develop innovative strategies and solutions for the challenges they face in balancing their tripartite mission. At a time of change and uncertainty in academic healthcare, ECG clients value Neelam’s guidance and appreciate the insightful approach she brings to all of her engagements.

At ECG, Neelam’s work encompasses compensation planning, financial management, funds flow arrangements, and organizational structure redesign. She has helped several large AMCs identify opportunities for cost savings and improved resource allocation, conducted faculty productivity assessments for SOMs, and evaluated the financial and operational performance of multiple hospital-based departments. Prior to joining ECG, Neelam worked as a Business Consultant for Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Permanente Medical Group, where she was involved in developing and implementing strategic business initiatives.