Digital Front Door Planning and Design, UW Medicine


ECG WORKED WITH UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON MEDICINE (UWM) to develop a comprehensive business plan, including a three-year roadmap with pro forma budget that aligned with the organization’s broader digital health imperatives. As part of this work, ECG identified the operational and technology enablers, prioritized functional capabilities, and established the organizational infrastructure and governance model to address overarching challenges and opportunities. As follow-up support, ECG and UWM have identified targeted areas for support, including referral management work led by our access experts.

the challenge

ECG was engaged by UWM to develop a digital front door strategy that aligns with the organization’s broader strategic imperatives.

UWM has limited capabilities around digital patient engagement but serves a tech savvy consumer population and is in a market with competitors that are further along. The risks of continuing the status quo include a fragmented digital presence, inconsistent consumer experiences, sustained system inefficiencies, and the potential to lose market share.

the process

The planning process utilized consumer-centered design concepts to align priorities at the intersection of UWM’s business goals, patient/consumer needs, and functional and technical capabilities. Consumer personas were developed to illustrate the needs of different population segments and compare how potential capabilities would meet their needs. The digital front door business plan included:

A digital front door applies virtual tools and data integration to facilitate seamless access and touch points throughout the patient care journey. The end goal was to facilitate an omnichannel approach that offers patients a choice in how they communicate with the health system and ensures equitable access for all patients.

A robust and integrated technology stack is required to support the functional capabilities that were prioritized and create seamless experiences. The core technology stack to facilitate these capabilities includes:

the outcome

Historically, digital initiatives were carried out in silos across UWM. A dedicated digital health organization structure was proposed to own and lead initiatives related to consumer engagement and virtual care delivery and drive accountability for improving digital health capabilities. It is anticipated that the plan will yield positive returns on the organization’s strategy.

In addition to supporting an enhanced consumer experience, the benefits through increased efficiency, revenue enhancement, and cost reduction are anticipated to offset the investment over a three-year period.

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