Remote Scanning for MRI


THE AVAILABILITY OF CERTIFIED RADIOLOGY TECHNOLOGISTS in today’s market often does not meet the demand for imaging studies - and with demand expected to increase 9% annually, the problem will likely intensify. A shortage of technologists will challenge imaging services providers to offer access to critical diagnostic tools, which may lead to delays in patient care, overextended staff resources, and lost revenue. This is particularly notable with MRI services.

In response to these challenges, vendors are continuing to enhance their technological and staffing support offerings, with several MRI vendors actively promoting innovative remote scanning services. While remote scanning technology is not necessarily new, its application is becoming more advanced and its use more common across institutions of all sizes.

ECG recently interviewed senior healthcare leaders from a mix of rural hospitals, health networks, and academic medical centers (AMCs) to understand the awareness of, and interest in, remote scanning; perceived and realized merits of the service; and key decision-making considerations related to implementation.

ECG then coordinated a virtual retreat that included a leading vendor of remote scanning services to further discuss the technology’s value proposition in different environments. This yielded insightful discussion about remote scanning’s ability to support access to care; enhance productivity; and support staff engagement, development, and workflow.

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