Woman's Hospital

Creating a Clinical Integration Strategy


ECG is currently collaborating with Woman's Hospital and its physicians to create a clinical integration strategy to help the organization advance quality improvement initiatives and pursue value-based payment arrangements for obstetric and gynecological services.

the challenge

Opened in 1968, Woman’s Hospital was one of the first women’s specialty hospitals in the U.S., and is currently one of the largest in the nation with licenses for 168 adult beds and 72 NICU beds. As the 17th largest labor and delivery service in the country, the hospital’s historic focus was on obstetric and NICU services, but has expanded through the years to include an extensive range of innovative programs for women and infants. Cancer care, orthopedics, digestive and metabolic health, and respiratory services are just a few of the services targeted toward caring for women over their lifetime. Viewed as a leader in healthcare delivery in its region, the hospital is committed to developing a clinical integration strategy that will enable it and its affiliated physicians to advance quality improvement initiatives and pursue value-based payment arrangements for obstetrics and gynecology services.

the process

In our current engagement with Woman’s Hospital, ECG is collaborating with a physician-led steering committee to complete a situational assessment for population health management capabilities. Next we will help the organization define goals and objectives for clinical integration and evaluate conceptual models for a clinically integrated network. As the engagement transitions to Phase II of the planning process, future efforts will include finalizing the legal and governance structures for the clinically integrated entity, defining clinical protocols and performance measures, and prioritizing contracting opportunities.