Medical Groups

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As the role of physicians and how they align themselves with hospitals has undergone radical transformation, many hospital-oriented consulting firms shifted their focus to physician needs and interests. ECG is proud to say we didn’t need to go that route. Why? Because helping physicians thrive has been part of our DNA for over 40 years. Our firm’s history is deeply rooted in its commitment to physicians and medical groups, and our client list includes a wide variety of physician groups across the country that have sought our counsel.

Clinical integration and value-based care are the more recent challenges that ECG is helping medical groups manage, along with the rapidly changing role of technology enabling patient care delivery and the operation of financially sound physician organizations. We also understand the complexities of financial arrangements between hospitals and physicians and the regulatory and reimbursement changes and compensation pressures that are bearing down on medical groups.

No other firm understands physicians the way ECG does. And no one has the history and experience we bring to every medical group engagement.