Healthcare payers are being challenged like never before. How can they develop effective strategies to build market share and ensure cost-effective operations?


Healthcare payers are being challenged like never before. Rapid consolidation resulting in mega-insurers and Affordable Care Act mandates and initiatives are stretching capacity to adapt, among even the most agile insurers. Building market share across plan designs, scaling up to ensure cost-effective operations, and managing population health initiatives are just a few of the most pressing issues keeping payer leadership awake at night.

ECG advises traditional and provider-owned insurance companies across the spectrum, including Medicare Advantage and prescription drug programs, Medicaid managed care, commercial insurance, and third-party administrator services. Whether it’s strategic planning, technology procurement, financial and operational turnaround, product design, or data management, we have a team with multidisciplinary payer expertise ready to support your organization.


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Medicare Advantage: Physician Trusted Advisers Can Expand Patient Awareness of MA Plan Options

How can a provider-initiated communication and engagement program help build awareness of Medicare Advantage plan options?


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