Service Line Strategy

Hospital-Based Specialties

While every hospital-based service faces unique challenges, they share enough attributes to create broadly applicable best practices that lead to more efficient and engaged clinical teams and better patient outcomes.

Hospital-Based Specialties

Hospital-based providers served as the front line of the healthcare system during the pandemic. While we collectively owe them a debt of gratitude, their service came at the cost of pervasive provider burnout and staffing shortages. This experience has prompted a widespread reassessment of clinical work expectations, financial recognition, professional reimbursement, and team-based coverage models. These hospital-based providers care for people at their sickest and most vulnerable and cannot simply be treated as a cost to be managed – the engagement of these care teams is critical in lowering system costs, reducing provider burnout, and improving care delivery and patient experience.

In recent years, anesthesia, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, intensivists, and neonatologists have all witnessed drastic shifts in the nature of their everyday roles. We have worked with health systems and medical groups alike to ensure these services are delivered efficiently and that provider effort is fully recognized.

Hospital-Based Specialties

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Hospital-Based Specialties

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No Surprises Act Puts Emergency Medicine Providers’ Payment at Risk, Increases Pressure for Hospital Executives

The No Surprises Act will benefit patients, but hospital executives will face new pressures.


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