Strategic Planning & Partnerships

Outcome-oriented strategic plan development for cancer centers and cancer programs.

Strategic Planning & Partnerships

ECG offers value-based strategic planning designed to meet your organization’s mission, vision, and goals for cancer care delivery. Our strategic planning services are customized to deliver outcomes best suited for your cancer program and oncology service line.

We know that care delivery and market strategies are core to successful plan development.

Benefit from ECG’s experience working with cancer programs across the country, and let us help you develop strategies that suit your community and service area. Talk to our clients about our collaborative planning outcomes.

Our Services Include:
Cancer Programming and Tumor Site Assessments

New program assessments identify opportunities for a range of scenarios: rural providers, community hospitals, health systems, clinically integrated networks, academic medical centers, NCI-designated cancer centers, and oncology organizations.

ECG assists with identifying the best position for your cancer program within a challenging payment and competitive environment.

We develop service volume projections for new or expanded services for your cancer program, cancer center, or oncology service line. Sound planning assumptions with a realistic assessment of your environment are embedded in ECG project deliverables.

ECG also provides associated financial pro formas supporting economic and programmatic feasibility for your new service.

ECG cancer programming and tumor site assessment services include:

  • Cancer program/services or organizational inventory and assessment.
  • Stakeholder interviews to inform opportunities, direction, and metrics.
  • Profile and correlation of current service offerings with comprehensive options.
  • Identification of programmatic SWOT assessment.
  • Market share and projections by type of cancer.
  • Referral patterns and out-migration by type of cancer.
  • Competitor oncology service analysis.
  • Programmatic barriers and implementation planning support.
  • Cancer program development or expansion plan.
  • Quantification of oncology program services, revenue costs, and contribution margin.

Community hospitals and cancer centers, health systems, NCI-designated cancer centers, multispecialty and oncology practices, and payers are forging strategic partnerships to advance the delivery of cancer care.

Most strategic planning projects include consideration of partnership or affiliations. ECG provides affiliate models for community hospitals, academic medical centers, and NCI-designated cancer centers.

From coast to coast, we’ve worked with NCI-designated cancer centers to develop affiliation networks, helped community hospitals determine the best options for affiliation relationships, and supported oncology practices as they consider affiliate agreements.

ECG cancer affiliate network and strategic partnership services include:

  • Assessing and further developing affiliation networks.
  • Leading cancer affiliate network strategic and operational planning.
  • Developing collaborative networks with multiple institutional entities and physicians/faculty.
Strategic Planning & Partnerships

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Strategic Planning & Partnerships

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