For-Profit Systems Embrace Graduate Medical Education to Meet Demand for Primary Care Physicians

For Profit Hospitals Ambrace Gme Web

Historically, for-profit health systems avoided graduate medical education (GME) programs based on the perception that teaching hospitals were costly and inefficient and the required academic credentials were unachievable for community-based hospitals, which comprise a significant portion of for-profit systems.

Unlike most of their academic counterparts, many for-profit hospitals and systems have not imposed caps on the number of resident FTEs that may be reimbursed for training.

In the wake of changing market pressures and healthcare delivery needs, for-profit systems have begun to embrace GME as a vehicle to solve the projected primary care physician shortage (illustrated in figure 1) while supporting the underserved in many of their geographies. Developing primary care teaching programs in select community hospitals is a strategy that many for-profit health systems are prioritizing to address some of their most significant organizational challenges.

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