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Don’t Miss the Chance to Secure GME Funding through Section 5506

Don’T Miss The Chance To Secure Gme Funding Through Section 5506 Web

Graduate medical education (GME) leaders have another time-limited opportunity to secure funding for their training programs. The latest rounds of resident cap slots to be redistributed from closed teaching hospitals are now open, with applications due by March 29, 2021. The table below summarizes the details for rounds 18 and 19, based on Section 5506 of the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act.

Round 18

Round 19

Closed Hospital

Westlake Community Hospital

Astria Regional Medical Center

Location (CBSA)

Melrose Park, Illinois (16984)

Yakima, Washington (49420)




Direct GME FTEs



As with prior rounds, applications will be evaluated based on:

  • Whether the applicant has assumed training of residents from the closed hospital.
  • Geographic information (e.g., proximity to the closed hospital, location in a HPSA).
  • Ability to fill the slots within three years.
  • Expansion of prioritized programs (e.g., primary care, general surgery, geriatrics).

GME leaders should continue to regularly monitor the CMS website and Federal Register for notifications of subsequent rounds to ensure their hospitals are well positioned to secure additional cap slots in the future.

In addition, GME leaders should be aware of other time-limited opportunities to expand funding. See our recent piece on GME funding opportunities within the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.