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Storyboard Series: Digitizing the Delivery of Care

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In a world where people can use smartphones or laptops to make dinner reservations, order groceries, and have almost any product imaginable arrive at their doorstep, consumers expect to be able to control their experience—regardless of the industry. However, healthcare providers have not embraced this trend, largely lacking virtual coordination, digital-enabled services, and consumer-driven navigation.

Though widespread adoption of virtual care has been hindered by a patchwork of government regulations, inconsistent reimbursement policies, and lack of focus on the part of health systems, ECG believes that healthcare organizations that do not adopt this shift to consumer-focused virtual care will soon fall behind in the competitive landscape. And the landscape itself is changing. Nontraditional, retail-oriented market players who are unencumbered by historical norms have entered the care delivery space and are a threat to more traditional ways of providing care.

The time to innovate is now. The experience with COVID-19 has had the positive impact of accelerating this transition.

Virtual Care Illustrated

In light of the industry’s current shift to virtual care, ECG has created a patient journey storyboard series that chronicles the healthcare journey of several consumers. Some use their provider’s digital platforms to coordinate care and monitor their health, while others conduct these activities via more traditional methods. The series will also explore how the in-person patient experience can be improved when providers embrace digital capabilities.

Our first story follows two families, Greg & Monica and Tina & Stu, on their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. Check back for additional stories over the coming weeks.

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Follow the experiences of two expecting couples as they navigate their healthcare provider’s care coordination platforms.

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