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ECG’s Commitment to Antiracism, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Race relations in the United States have been front of mind for everyone in our country, including our ECG community. During this time of civil unrest, we have reflected on and reaffirmed our commitment to equality, equity, and justice. We have been listening to and learning from one another and acknowledging once again how critical it is for us to promote an inclusive work environment with respect for different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

ECG’s leadership team recently committed to increasing its focus on antiracism and doing more to accelerate our Diversity and Inclusion program. Our promise is to make a real difference in tangible ways to effect lasting change. ECG’s Diversity and Inclusion work group presented four specific and additional actions the firm will undertake:

Anti-Black Racism Discussion and Self-Reflection Exercise: We need to continue engaging in difficult conversations about how racial issues affect our organization so that we can better understand and support one another as well as uncover biases that may prevent ECG colleagues from reaching their fullest potential. We will host an event that gives leaders and staff an opportunity to ask questions about current race-related matters and discuss how we are affected in our communities, in our work environment, and personally. The event will also include an exercise to identify and reflect on socialized and internalized beliefs about Blackness. Similar events are likely to follow.

Diversity Recruiting Program: ECG will strengthen our recruiting program to increase the diversity of employees at our firm. This diversity program will start with two goals: First, we will review and enhance our current recruiting processes and practices so that they are free from biases for or against any individual or group of candidates. Second, we will increase the number of consultant candidates of color who apply to ECG by expanding our recruiting sources. We will maintain our philosophy of merit-based recruitment to find the best possible candidates but will ensure our recruiting function is structured to present a diverse slate of candidates for hiring consideration and to give all candidates, regardless of background, an equal opportunity.

Antiracism Resources: Antiracism education and support resources have been made available to staff, including books, podcasts, videos and films, social media, and mental health resources. We will continue to build upon this library in the upcoming weeks.

Implicit Bias Training: ECG will continue offering implicit bias education and training opportunities for all employees. The number and types of opportunities will be expanded, including offerings specific to ECG and common scenarios employees encounter internally and in client work.

It is important for ECG’s employees, clients, business partners, and recruiting candidates alike to understand the firm’s philosophy and beliefs on the topic of diversity and inclusion. We view diversity at ECG as not only a moral and ethical imperative but as an incredible strength. Listening to the diverse voices we have—and increasing those voices both in number and positions of influence in the firm—makes us better in so many measurable and meaningful ways. We will make better decisions. We will become more resilient. We will offer more professionally and personally fulfilling careers for our employees. And we will provide even more value for our clients.

At ECG, we are committed to excellence, and growing our diversity of thought and demonstrating inclusive behaviors is part of our never-ending journey toward excellence.